Real Estate Practice Exam For North Carolina

W. Real estate brokers are required to reveal the possible lifestyle of lead based coloring on any property designed just before 1978. The sad successor arrived at the courthouse using a friend and without legal counsel and she reported that her attorney had not bothered to share any house data along with her in any few urls here way and he or she believed she did not find out about the passing of accounts. Being the successor of a life insurance plan WON'T routinely quit you from acquiring anything from an estate.

I have been struggling to get in touch with all the property attorney who assured me he might set period and another court appointment date. I held most of the attorneys and impressive files are not unaware of it. I understand the house attorney does not want to do this because he feels like he is currently doing work for free. There must be policies established in the court level, too, I do believe so that you can avoid a successor from holding the ultimate disposition of a house without good reason up, along with, from being approved supporting the accounts. I have no idea what the expected question is contrary to the property; I'm really confused.

I held estate resources back on the basis of the assistance imminent receipt of a remaining Clearance Certificate of the public bill. Dear Lynne: I understand if records are transferred at court that the executor's attorney gets paid out of the estate. It has now been more than 2 weeks passed by, and also I was guaranteed by the property lawyer he would set another judge appointment day and time.